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Continuing to support young musicians from beyond the grave

We miss Elaine, with her warm smile, her laugh, her stories, her incredible fortitude and humour. What we don't miss is her music... because it is here with us. Also with us is are the fruits of her generosity. Just one of the bequests she made in her will was to the Royal Academy of Music. Please read on to find out how they will support young musicians in her name.

‘Elaine’s love of music will live on at the Academy, supporting all aspects of Academy life – from our world-leading teaching and facilities, to our life-changing outreach programmes, scholarships, and bursaries. Elaine’s bequest has come at a particularly special moment in the Academy’s history, as we celebrate the Academy’s Bicentenary year. Rather than looking back at the success of the past 200 years, we are firmly focused on our vision for the future of music – and Elaine’s bequest will help us to achieve this vision. Supporting our students here at the Academy will always be our top priority, and we believe outstanding young musicians should have the opportunity to nurture their gift in an inspiring and encouraging learning environment, regardless of background or circumstance. Elaine’s legacy means she is now part of an incredibly dedicated community which provides vital support to our students, many of whom could never afford an education like this without philanthropic support – with over 70% of our students supported by scholarships or bursaries.

In generously remembering the Academy in her will, Elaine did more than provide financial aid for our students: it’s an assurance that somebody believes in them, it’s the confidence boost they need to seize every opportunity, and it’s a welcome helping hand on the path to fulfilling their dreams. For many of our students this support is truly lifechanging – students like Jonathan, who shared with us: “I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have received and the contacts and friends I have made throughout my time at the Academy. None of this, though, would have been possible without the support, forethought and incredible generosity of my donor. For the rest of my life, I will be grateful for the chance they gave me.”

The Academy has trained the best young musicians for the past 200 years, and gifts in wills help to ensure we are here to support them for the next 200. I would be delighted to speak with anyone who would like to learn more about remembering the Academy in their will. They can reach me on or on 02078737459.’

The Academy have looked carefully at Elaine's work and will be including her collections in their music library.

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