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Elaine Hugh-Jones

Fear No More


An imposing setting of Shakespeare's wonderful song from Cymbeline





Four American Songs



These impressive settings of poems by Hilda Doolittle, Emily Dickinson and Carl Sandburg, include one of the composer's best songs, Members of the Resurrection. This song is an excellent starting point from which to get to know Hugh-Jones's music. Also includes a rollicking, bluesy setting of Old, deep singsong - a challenging, but rewarding performance piece.


Songs of Walter de la Mare



Elaine’s first cycle of songs, Eight Songs of Walter de la Mare was written over a period of 21 years, the last song of the cycle, The Raven's Tomb, being added in 1989. The cycle has been broadcast several times on BBC Radio 3, the UK's principal classical music radio. 



Strange Journey


  • Baritone


The title of this song-cycle reflects the subject matter of the poems, all by the great First World War poet, Edward Thomas. The songs broadly outline a 'journey' rather in the way that a dream might take you from one scene to another. Written for baritone, and perfectly giving voice to Thomas's brooding visions, this set of songs is surely set to become an established cycle in the repertoire.



Two Night Songs


  • Soprano/Tenor


The Starlight Night, a setting of the poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, explores the exstacy and wonder of night. Hugh-Jone's music ably seeking after the mystery at the heart of Hopkins' vision. While The Nightingale Near the House (Harold Monro)

is a pean of praise to the listening night, through the nightingale's song, with a beautiful and exhuberant piano accompaniment.

High Flight


  • Tenor / Soprano


A setting of the ecstatic poem by the young Royal Canadian Airforce Officer, pilot John Gillespie Magee.

Written with the tenor voice in mind, but equally good in performance for soprano.



Three Songs for Baritone


A new collection of three of Elaine's sought after songs in low voice keys; To Julia, The Dancer and Winter the Huntsman.



Songs of Fate



Two songs which capture fateful moments: in the first, Queen of Air and Darkness, a mysterious sorceress is outwitted by a young man, and in the second, Eight O'clock, we overhear the last thoughts and sounds of the condemned man.

Shocking miniatures to poems from AE housman's A Shropshire Lad.



Songs of War



The Songs of War lie at the heart of Elaine Hugh-Jones' output. Comprising four settings of poems by Wilfred Owen, the songs find music for Owen's direct and challenging poetry, which looks unflinchingly into the abyss of war.



Two Fantastic Songs


  • Soprano/Tenor (top note A)


To Julia sets words by John Kier Cross which conjour up images of the fantastical, while The Piper - a setting of the famous poem by Robert Browning - completes this sense of fantasy at work, or should that be play?! 



Celtic Songs


  • Mezzo Soprano/Baritone


These two songs composed by Welsh-born composer Elaine Hugh-Jones paint vivid portraits through the poetry and the intelligent setting of it. Hugh-Jones' many years writing for and accompanying singers have given her the expertise to treat the vocal line with great artfulness.






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