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Introducing the new blog!

My name is Es Hoyle. I met Elaine a mere eight years ago though my husband William Coleman, who was a dear friend of Elaine's and was already promoting her music through their shared publishing enterprise Caradoc Press.

She was a kind, gentle and welcoming person who had a positivity and warmth that radiated. She was a natural lady.... I will never forget her needing to ask for a straw through which to drink her champagne at The Cottage in the Wood, her favourite restaurant. She made it seem the most natural and acceptable thing in the world.

As I knew Elaine in her; later years I spent many hours just sitting talking to her. Will was her 'red button' contact so we wold take it in turns to sit with her at any time of night and day if she had a fall. Her natural good humour shone through on these occasions... and who else knows that the device used for aiding frail bodies to get up out of a plant pot sounds a bottom b flat?

Needless to say, I grew fond of her. She had so many incredible stories about ghosts, horse-whispering, performances involving falling crocodiles and moving pianos, and of course anecdotes about her beloved dogs and cat, Imshipoons.

When William asked me to start working on this website and supporting him to promote her music I was honoured. I am going to run this alongside my own company

I also want to collect stories as a record of this remarkable woman. If you have stories, do get in touch. Should you want to know more,

watch this space....

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